Every person has an entitlement to personal and intellectual development and must be given an opportunity to achieve his or her potential in learning. We are all unique in terms of our characteristics, interests, abilities, motivation and learning needs.

St Mary’s has a Learning Support programme and the aim of that is to support and enable pupils to fulfil their potential. Our nuturing programme supports the philosophy that children who grow in a nurturing environment will become well-adjusted, responsible citizens able to form and maintain healthy relationships. Children are nurtured following four key elements; appropriate expectations, positive discipline, empathy and self awareness.

‘We enjoy circle time because we can explore our emotions and our friends listen to us and offer support.’

A nurture group is a small group of children based in a mainstream educational setting and staffed by two supportive adults. Staff create an attractive, safe, structured environment within a mainstream educational setting, with a number of areas and resources  designed to bridge the gap between home and school. Building trusting relationships are core to the approach.

‘We learn the importance of respecting each others opinions and feelings.’

Individual and group plans are formulated for the children. Staff then provide a wide variety of experiences, opportunities, approaches and resources to address these needs within a culture of trust, understanding and knowledge, with progress closely monitored.